Cast of V - The Ultimate Variety Show

The cast of V – The Ultimate Variety Show consists of some of the best selected acts from all across the world! From Las Vegas entertainers in the industry for years to newcomers from shows like American Idol and America‘s Got Talent, producer David Saxe was sure to choose only the best talent in the business to really make for a show that would keep audiences coming back night after night!

With a varying show schedule every night and a cast this size, no two audiences will ever have the same experience. Take a look at a little bit about some of the key stars that are seen in V – The Ultimate Variety Show:

Wally Eastwood

Wally Eastwood - World's Fastest Juggler

Being the headlining host of V – The Ultimate Variety Show and growing up in a family of trapeze artists, you think that would have left Wally Eastwood feeling pretty set career wise, right? Aside from his hosting experience and background with trapeze work, Wally Eastwood decided he wanted to add the art of juggling to his repertoire! Come see Wally in V – The Ultimate Variety Show and see why he has been named the world‘s fastest juggler!

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The Crazy Gauchos

The Crazy Gauchos - Stand-up Comedians

You probably know them as the Los Latin Cowboys, now The Crazy Gauchos take traditional Argentinian style entertainment and add in some drumming, dancing, and of course, lots of comedy! If you‘re in the mood for some fun and some laughs, come see why The Crazy Gauchos are one of the favorite acts in Las Vegas!

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The Skating Aratas

The Skating Aratas - Skating Daredevil Duo

A husband and wife that also double as skating stunt artists? That is exactly what “The Skating Aratas” are! Being husband and wife first, these two have really been able to grow in their career through one keyword: trust. Performing spinning stunts at dangerous, neck-breaking speeds, The Skating Aratas perform one of the riskiest acts ever to be seen on a live stage.

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Iouri & Gabor

Iouri & Gabor - Hand Balancing

Originally from Europe, this former Ringling Bro’s balancing act has traveled with some of the most famous circus groups! The two have performed in many Las Vegas shows on the Strip and after meeting and partnering up over a decade ago, are still going strong with one of the best hand balancing routines ever!

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Margarita & Iurie

Margarita & Iurie - Aerialists

Margarita and Iurie are an aerialist act hailing from Russia and Moldova. The duo is a couple both on, as well as off stage. Both from circus families and working from the age of seven-years-old, both Margarita and Iurie have traveled with some of the top traveling circuses to countries all around the world. The team has worked to create and exciting, as well as unique, act for audiences.

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Russ Merlin

Russ Merlin - Prop Comedian

This former Long Islander is now one of the premier entertainers in the country! Performing in front of royalty, and in over 50 countries throughout the world, there’s no question why he reigns as the best in his field of comedy. Come see him display his one of a kind act nightly at the V Theater, in V – The Ultimate Variety Show!

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Tamara Yerofeyeva

Tamara Yerofeyeva - Rhythmic Gymnast

Rhythmic gymnastics is one of the most beautiful and complicated forms of gymnastics. Tamara Yerofeeva trained her whole life to become the world’s most accomplished gymnast in rhythmic gymnastics. After being a 4-time world champion and competing in the Olympics in Sydney, she has now chosen to show off her talents for audiences nightly in V – The Ultimate Variety Show!

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The Quiddlers - Ambassadors of Physical Comedy

The Quiddlers are one of the only acts that have successfully been able to recreate Vaudeville–style entertainment and add a modern twist. Specializing in physical comedy and rightfully earning the title as, “International Ambassadors of Comedy”, The Quiddlers have worked their way to becoming the most well–known figures in the art of pantomime!

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