The Skating Aratas - Skating Daredevil Duo

Show in Las Vegas

What if you met the love of your life while you were looking for your new partner in stunt skating? That’s exactly the story behind this daring team. Victor and Jenny Arata, or better known as The Skating Aratas, first met many years ago when Victor was looking for his next partner in the world of stunt skating.

Both thrown into the circus business at a young age, Jenny started attending circus school at 15-years–old while Victor grew up in a family of circus performers. Wanting to perform a circus routine worthy of a big stage show, Victor and his sister worked to create a death defying skating routine. When the family duo decided to pursue their own careers, Victor was forced to find a new partner for his risky act. Soon after, Victor met Jenny, who soon went on to become Victor’s new partner in crime on and off stage as well. After a lot of hard work and perfecting their craft, the duo created an act that led them to see their names in lights. The two ended up falling in love and getting married. After changing their stage name to “The Skating Aratas”, their career only took off from there!

Now the two are an integral part of V – The Ultimate Variety Show at and witness a jaw dropping skating routine that you can’t see anywhere else!

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