Wally Eastwood - The World's Fastest Juggler

Wally Eastwood - World's Fastest Juggler

How would someone with a fear of heights cope with being born into a family where walking tightropes is all part of a day’s work? Since his days as a child, Wally was thrown into the trapeze world along with his family. Being forced to keep his fear of heights at bay and get in touch with his natural– born talents, Wally turned to juggling as an outlet after being introduced to it by his father. Rather than sticking with the ways of his family, Wally eventually decided to stray from the tightropes and work towards becoming the “World‘s Fastest Juggler“.

After bringing his talent of juggling to Las Vegas, his fame finally took flight. Celebrities like Jay Leno and many others began taking notice of the new star. LA Dodgers team member Tommy Lasorda was quoted as saying, “Wow! You are the man with the fastest hands!” Audiences everywhere began buzzing about the man who supposedly had the fastest hands in America! Even the legendary Jerry Lewis jumped on the Wally bandwagon, saying: “He's the best, he's really the best!”

Getting accolades from a comedic genius, a world famous talk show host, and a professional baseball player for one of the most rooted for teams in the country? Wally must be doing something right! Constantly working to stray from his trapeze artist background, Wally has worked hard to become one of the most legendary entertainers in his field today. Aside from being quick with his hands, Wally also has the ability to connect with ANY audience, which is not an easy task for any entertainer. He puts forth a great effort to make a connection with every crowd he performs in front of and if he can get a laugh out of it in the process..then that’s just an added bonus!

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